Brow Highlighter



Brow Highlighter is a portable crayon used to brighten and highlight brows.


It instantly creates an eye-opening, brow-lifted look that helps give you that more youthful appearance!




Brows Image by Secret of Aging


Brow Highlighter is perfect for those who want to define their brows by enhancing them to stand out.


The main benefit of using a highlighter is that it attracts light, which makes your eyes look bigger as well as brighter.


In addition, it lifts the appearance of brows to give your eyes the illusion of being wider. Hence, making them appear younger looking. For that wider eye effect, you can simply apply the highlighter in the corner of your eyes and under your brow bones. Once it is applied all you need to do is blend it.


As you consider adding a Brow Highlighter to your makeup routine, select a shade lighter than your brow color. This will help it blend in with your brows to amplify the effects.


Here are our available shades from which to choose:


Matte Pink Shade of Brow Highlighter by Secret of Aging


Matte Pink is a light shade of pink that provides a matte finish!



Champagne Beige Shade by Secret of Aging 

Whereas, Champagne Beige is a light shade of beige that gives you more of a satin finish!



Matte Beige Shade of Brow Highlighter by Secret of Aging 

On the flip side, Matte Beige is a darker shade of beige that provides a matte finish!



Champagne Pink Shade by Secret of Aging


While Champagne Pink is a darker shade of pink that gives you more of a satin finish!






Why Use Brow Highlighter


Highlighters are meant to be used in areas you want others to notice rather than the whole face. This portable crayon makes it easy to apply it in those specific areas you most want to highlight. All you will need to do is apply it to your brow bones and blend it in with your fingertips.


Finally, it includes Vitamin C to help condition and protect the brow area, which then also gives you a soft, comfortable feel.







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