Vitamin C Eye Treatment


Brighten dark circles and revitalize tired eyes, while firming and toning skin! Perfect for YOUR Eyes!


Vitamin C Eye Treatment by Secret of Aging is perfect for anybody to revitalize tired eyes, brighten dark circles, firm, and tone the skin around the eyes! Normal Use 1 – 2 Months!



Ideal For Those Who Need A Healthier, More Youthful Look


  • People who have Dark Circles
  • Those with Tired Eyes
  • People who need to Firm and Tone the Eye Area


Benefits of Vitamin C Eye Treatment by Secret of Aging

  • Lightens dark circles under or around eyes
  • Brightens eye area
  • Soothes, firms, and tones tired eyes
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free (no preservatives)

Why Vitamin C Eye Treatment by Secret of Aging Works

  • Vitamin C – Prevents irritation while increasing absorption and stability; Brightens eye area; Builds collagen for firmer stronger eye tissue; and Provides antioxidant protection
  • Firming Botanical Complex (Hydrocotyl & Coneflower Extracts) and Angelica Extract – firm and tighten skin
  • Licorice & Grape Seed Extract – naturally and gently fade darkness around the eye area
  • Vitamin E – provides antioxidant protection



How To Use

  • Apply a pinhole size on your ring finger or pinky
  • Dab around each eye both on the eyelid and under-eye
  • Use ring finger or pinky to spread it around in inward direction (lightly)


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