Sensitive Mascara



Sensitive Mascara is a creamy liquid that is easy to apply and water-soluble.  It allows you to create longer, thicker, darker looking lashes with a thin layer.  By adding a thin layer of mascara you will enhance the beauty of your eyes!




Sensitive Mascara is perfect for those who want to create longer, thicker and darker looking lashes. Furthermore, the creamy, liquid, lash color helps you separate your lashes. Which gives you the opportunity to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Your eyes will certainly pop with a hint of mascara.


How to Use Sensitive Mascara


In addition, this particular mascara is fairly easy to use. The applicator brush helps you apply a thin, even coat to define individual lashes. However, by adding an extra layer of mascara you can create a dramatic effect.  Not to mention, you can use the end of the applicator brush to coat and separate your lower lashes.


We offer the following Sensitive Mascara colors that will highlight your lashes while complimenting your eyes. These colors also compliment your eyeliner and eyeshadow. While the perfect shade helps promote your particular style!


Choose one of these three color shades for your favorite look:


Sensitive Mascara Navy by Secret of Aging


Navy best compliments blue and green eyes!


Sensitive Mascara Black Brown by Secret of Aging


Black Brown enhances hazel and brown eyes!


Sensitive Mascara Black by Secret of Aging


Black is the most popular color and meant for anyone who wants darker lashes!





Why Use Sensitive Mascara


Sensitive Mascara is a non-irritating, fragrance-free formula. It has also been tested for sensitivity. Making it a nice alternative for those who suffer from irritating eyes.


Another benefit is that the formula is water-soluble. Which makes it easy to remove when washing your face. Our Wash Face Cleansers and Toners thoroughly clean off this mascara.


In summary, mascara is the best tool to showcase your lashes. This Sensitive Mascara really give you a gentle look with a big bang!






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Sensitive Mascara Navy, Black Brown, Black


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