Brightening CC Cream to Even Oily and Acne Prone Skin Tones



This oil-free Brightening CC Cream with SPF 20 nourishes and brightens skin, evens skin tones and diminishes imperfections! Perfect for those who have oily and acne prone skin.




Brightening CC Cream is Color Correcting for Uneven Tones!

This brightening cream is perfect for those who want to correct uneven skin tones and tiny imperfections. In addition, it is ideal to tone down the appearance of oily and acne-prone skin. While this is a light cream that includes SPF, it also contains other anti-aging ingredients. Which gives skin that healthy glow to make anybody look better.


In case you did not know, CC means “color correcting”.  This will better match your uneven skin tones to the single tone you seek. As we offer 4 different shades, there is a close shade for anybody who wishes to have a beautiful, healthy glow.



Light Brightening CC Cream by Secret of Aging


Light Brightening CC “Color Correcting” Cream, which is our lightest shade available for those with light complexions.


Fair Brightening CC Cream by Secret of Aging


Fair Brightening CC “Color Correcting” Cream is for those with a light complexion who have a slight pink tone.


Medium Brightening Color Correcting Cream by Secret of Aging


Medium Brightening CC “Color Correcting” Cream, which is for those with more of a light tan skin tone.


Medium Deep Brightening Color Correction Cream by Secret of Aging


Medium Deep Brightening CC “Color Correcting” Cream is our darkest shade, which is ideal for those with deep tan skin tones.




Why Use Brightening CC Cream


There are any number of other benefits by using this color correcting cream. SPF is one of the key component for aging well. This particular cream will give you a healthier version of SPF that helps protect your skin from sun damage.


In addition, brightening is always an integral part of appearing healthier. As part of that healthier appearance, skin should feel firmer while looking calmer.


Furthermore, there are many good reasons for somebody with oily and acne-prone skin to choose this light cream. It will not only improve your skin quality, but it also improves the effort to even your natural skin tones.







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Brightening CC Cream Light, Fair, Medium, Medium Deep


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