Concealer is used to cover age spots, blemishes, under-eye discolorations, skin flaws and scars!  Apply under or over makeup foundation to lighten the darker areas you wish to obscure.




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Concealer is perfect to obscure conditions we would prefer others do not notice. Because it is an Opaque Cream that is not transparent, it makes it the best choice to conceal unwanted spots that differ from your natural skin tones.  Some of these conditions may include:



Age Spots

Age Spots are dark areas, much like freckles, on the skin that appear from frequent sun exposure. For this reason, they usually occur in the most visible areas of the skin. Concealer may help you lighten the appearance of those age spots.




Blemishes are common, temporary conditions we face for any number of reasons. Concealer is perfect to blend-in the color and tone of blemishes so that they are less visible to others.



Under-eye Discolorations

Concealer may be used under the eyes to diminish the appearance of dark circles. However, if your skin around the eyes is too dry, it may counteract the appearance of dark circles by creating fine lines. So keep your skin moisturized and then concealer becomes the best choice to minimize those dark circles.



Skin Flaws and Scars

If you suffer from skin flaws or scars, concealer is one of the best makeup products to minimize the appearance these flaws. Hence, you will want to include this in your makeup routine on a regular basis.




For the best results, select the shade that closely matches your skin tone.


Light by Secret of Aging 

This Light color is our lightest shade with a slight pinkish tone! While Supplies Last!



Neutral Amber Concealer by Secret of Aging


On the flip side, this Neutral Amber color is a light shade but has more of a yellowish tone!



Neutral Dark Concealer by Secret of Aging


This Neutral Dark color is our darkest shade with neutral tones!



Dark by Secret of Aging


Whereas, this Dark color is a dark shade ideal for those with warm undertone skin! While Supplies Last! 






How to Apply Concealer


This opaque cream is easy to apply. Just use your ring finger or small makeup brush to dab it onto the dark spot. Then pat it around the dark area to smooth it out and blend it with your skin tone. You can either apply it under or over your makeup foundation to maximize the coverage of those dark spots.







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