Sheer Satin Blush



This Sheer Satin Blush is perfect for those who want to add color and warmth for a more natural look.


The effects of sheer coverage will give you a translucent appearance, highlighting your natural skin tones.  Whereas the satin finish adds color to your cheeks for a healthy complexion!




Sheer Satin Blush Art by Secret of Aging


Sheer Satin Blush is perfect for those who want to add color and warmth to a natural look.


The effects of sheer coverage gives you a translucent appearance to highlight your natural skin tones. Whereas, the satin finish adds color, letting you achieve a healthy glow for a more youthful look.


One may find this particular blush appealing as it is a press powder, making it easier to apply. While you can apply it lightly for a soft, beautiful look, you can also layer it for a more dramatic effect. That dramatic effect may help you stand out when taking selfies or videos. In addition, layering the blush will help it last longer, from the daytime into the night.


As people have different skin tones and personal preferences, we offer the following shades from which to choose.



Sheer Satin Blush Whisper Nude


This Whisper Nude shade is the lightest, most neutral color!




Sheer Satin Blush Whisper Mocha


Whereas, Whisper Mocha is more neutral, but darker shade!



Whisper Blush


On the other hand, Whisper Blush is a light, pinkish color!



Whisper Quartz


Conversely, Whisper Quartz is a darker pink shade!



Sheer Satin Blush Whisper Rose


Finally, Whisper Rose is a darker pink with a mix of neutral tones!





Why Use Sheer Satin Blush


The best reason to wear this Sheer Satin Blush is for the lightness of a powder and the beauty of the color shades. As you apply your makeup, keep in mind, this blush looks great over foundation. However, it can also be applied by itself for the added beauty of a natural, healthy glow.







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Sheer Satin Blush Whisper Nude, Whisper Mocha, Whisper Blush, Whisper Quartz, Whisper Rose


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