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Stick Illuminator is perfect for those who want to create a subtle glow by using makeup to leave a sheer finish that shimmers


It is also creamy and conditioning for those who have dry skin.




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Stick Illuminator is perfect for those who want to create a subtle, healthy glow with a sheer finish that shimmers.


A natural, healthy glow comes from within. So to create a soft glow using makeup, Illuminators are the best choice. When applied after your foundation, it diffuses the light to create that soft glow. Once you have finished, your overall look will have a subtle, sheer shimmer.


In addition, this particular Stick Illuminator is both creamy and conditioning. So it could be a great addition to your makeup routine, especially for those of you who have dry skin. 


It is simple to use and easy to apply, so choose your preferred color shade.



Luminizer by Secret of Aging


Luminizer is a light shade that is perfect for those with more neutral tones!



Ice Gold by Secret of Aging


Ice Gold is a light shade that is ideal for those with pink tones!




Rose Gold by Secret of Aging


Rose Gold is the darkest shade for those with warm tones!






How to Apply Stick Illuminator


Because this specific Illuminator comes in the form of a stick, you can simply use it like a drawing pencil. By drawing lines down the center of your nose, each cheek, chin, and forehead, you should be able to blend it more evenly over your face.


In order to blend the Illuminator, you have the option of using your fingers, a brush or a makeup sponge. Any of these choices will help you smooth out the Illuminator for that soft, subtle glow you are seeking.






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Stick Illuminator Luminizer, Ice Gold, Rose Gold


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