Vitamin C Cleanser



Ideal for women and men who want to deep clean, unclog, firm, tighten, and brighten.


Perfect to address “New Skin” and “Dead Skin” issues, such as gray and chalky, large pores, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and more… See and Feel it work almost immediately!


It is a high-quality, gel cleanser with citrus scent and bits of natural orange and tangerine peel that goes on gently and activates when introduced to warm water or steam.


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Vitamin C by Secret of Aging at


Vitamin C is an essential element for healthy skin. So, Vitamin C Cleanser could be the perfect product for anybody who has skin that needs special attention. More specifically, it is a powerful contributor to our “New Skin” and “Dead Skin” routines to wash face. Plus, it is a high-quality product that will be evident the first time you use it.




Do you see Acne in the mirror?

Acne use Vitamin C Cleanser by Secret of Aging at


This wash face cleanser deeply cleans clogged pores. What do clogged pores have to do with Acne? Regardless of what Marketers say, almost all Acne on the face is caused by “Dead Skin” blocking pores. Get rid of dead skin? Yes, without dead skin, the face cannot produce much acne.




Do you feel you need a better moisturizer?

Dead Skin Image by Secret of Aging at


“Dead Skin” is a major contributor to inadequately moisturizing skin. Dead skin can never be moisturized. So removing “Dead Skin” brings up “New Skin” that permits the body’s natural moisturizer, “Sebum”, to do its job. Nothing moisturizes a face better than Sebum, which also mitigates Acne, dry spots, fine lines, etc. Washing the face with this cleanser permits it to feel great!



Do you see pores on your face, mostly known as large pores?

Those who have Enlarged Pores use Vitamin C Cleanser by Secret of Aging at


In the process of deep cleaning dead skin and excessive oil out of pores and promoting the natural flow of “Sebum”, large pores tighten. For people with large pores, not seeing them is a great sign that skin is healthy.



Do you want healthy skin that is firmer, tighter, and brighter?

New Skin is firmer and brighter than Dead Skin, so use Vitamin C Cleanser by Secret of Aging at


Nothing is as firm and bright as “New Skin”. This begins when the body effectively exfoliates dead skin and fuels the production of new skin with Vitamin C. For example, Middle-aged people often experience spectacular results simply by switching to this cleanser. “New Skin” looks spectacular, especially when it feels firmer and tighter.




Why Vitamin C Cleanser by Secret of Aging Works


Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate)

Brighten skin while enhancing collagen production!

Help strengthen the skin’s own repair mechanisms!

Reduce hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone!

Defend against free radical damage caused by environmental elements!



Green Tea and Vitamins A & E

Condition skin with powerful antioxidant protection while promoting anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits.



Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

Enhance antioxidant activity while stimulating micro-circulation and oxygenation of the skin.



Natural Tangerine and Orange Peel Oil

Provide the sensorial sensation of a pleasant citrus scent with a bit of orange and tangerine peel.





Complete List of Vitamin C Cleaner Ingredients


Vitamin C Cleanser by Secret of Aging at

Click for Complete List of Vitamin C Cleanser Ingredients


Easy to Use Vitamin C Cleanser


Apply Wash Face Vitamin C Cleanser by Secret of Aging at

By dampening fingers, it may spread more easily!


Rinse OFF Vitamin C Cleanser by Secret of Aging at

Rinse OFF Cleanser


Wait 30 Seconds before rinsing with warm water in the shower or sink!



Pat Face Dry after Washing Face by Secret of Aging at

Pat Dry


Follow with a Wash Face Toner that is ideal for your skin type and condition!


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Vitamin C Cleanser


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