Papaya Enzyme Toner



Feel the sensation of deep cleaning as it washes away excess oil and unclogs “Dead Skin” that may be causing acne or a dull, chalky look.


As it deep cleans, it is also hydrating and repairing skin, which is essential to correcting excessive oil and “Dead Skin” issues.


This hydrating repair will carry into moisturizing, which delivers a look and feel that is not oily.


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Papaya Enzyme by Secret of Aging


Wash Face with Papaya Enzyme Toner to exfoliate, hydrate, and repair skin. It is particularly effective in deep cleaning and unclogging oily pores. Once the oily pores have been properly cleaned, the natural oil will be more balanced over the next 12 hours.


See or Feel Excessively Oily Pores?


Secret of Aging Oily ConditionWhen one can see the oily pore, it is a large pore, which means it will always produce more oil and “dead skin”Large pores also enlarge when they are not cleaned and moisturized properly. So, people with large pores often see acne or dull tones and often feel the need to over wash the face.  This toner properly cleans the oily pore, which makes it look tighter and healthier.



See Acne with those Oily Pores?


Secret of Aging Acne ImageAs this wash face toner is removing excess oil, it is also washing away “dead skin”.  “Dead skin” is the major cause of Acne.  By washing excessive oil and “dead skin” out of the oily pores, acne will disappear. 



Do you experience “blind pimples”?


Secret of Aging Dead Skin Image

“Blind Pimples” are acne in which the pore has been filled with “dead skin” that covers up the core. This toner will unclog any “dead skin” left in the pore after the cleanser and it will eat away at the “blind pimples” core.  Once the pore has been cleaned, the pimple will wash away.



Why Papaya Enzyme Toner by Secret of Aging Works



Papaya Extract

Alcohol-free Nonabrasive exfoliating element to help bring forth “New Skin”, which looks younger and healthier.



Extracted from Papaya to remove impurities and slough off dead skin cells, which helps prevent blemishes and acne.



Best used to tighten the skin while regenerating “New Skin”! “New Skin” always looks brighter, firmer, and healthier.


Sage and Cucumber Extracts

These ingredients clean the skin’s surface while leaving softer and smoother skin.





Complete List of Papaya Enzyme Toner Ingredients



Papaya Enzyme Toner by Secret of Aging

Click Here for Complete List of Papaya Enzyme Toner



How To Use


Splash Face with Toner

After Wash Face Cleanser, Splash 2 to 3 shakes of Toner onto the face.  Let it absorb before applying moisturizer.






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Papaya Enzyme by Secret of Aging

Papaya Enzyme Toner


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